Marriage & Relationship Counseling

Breakthrough Counseling Education Center’s Therapists provide a safe place where both partners are able to work through their relationship challenges and develop a deeper connection.  To achieve a deep connection in a marriage or relationship, what most couples strive for, it takes a strong commitment to the relationship and a willingness to change, grow and continuously work on to avoid deterioration.  This is hard work, often because both partners are frustrated, hurt, angry and clashing in several areas.

Couples Counseling Can Help

Couples counseling provides a couple, whether married or not, opportunities to improve listening and communication skills, intimacy, skills to make better decisions together and address misunderstandings.  Through this process the goal is to build and reestablish trust, true intimacy, partnership and a deep loving connection. The impact of developing these areas, help couples to refocus on valuing their partner and becoming responsive to each other’s needs and desires.   Couples counseling can also assist a couple to sort out differences and make the right decision about getting married  (PREMARITAL COUNSELING), contemplating divorce or blending a family.

We often see couples who face the following challenges and other issues:

  • Poor Communication
  • Lack of Trust
  • Neglecting of yourself or your partner
  • Infidelity
  • Negativity
  • Control
  • Co-Dependency